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Vaccine quality gets murky. COVID vaccine leaders Moderna & Pfizer both posted their testing criteria, but Moderna's efficacy standard is more relaxed than Pfizer's. Moderna's vaccine might sound more effective than Pfizer's when they release results.

Nikola's crashing. The founder and chairman of electric truck maker, Nikola, is stepping down immediately, following fraud accusations around their technology. GM just took a huge 11% ownership in the company, partnering on production.

J&J's opioid fraud. New York State charged healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson with insurance fraud for downplaying the risks of opioid painkillers and targeting elderly patients. J&J makes a large portion of the global supply of oxycodone raw materials

TikTok beat the clock. Data cloud giant Oracle & superstore Walmart received initial approval to buy a 20% stake in a new US-based TikTok company where US data stays secure on US soil. The President's TikTok ban would have hit yesterday.

Walmart's boosting opportunities. The superstore is expanding roles, responsibilities, & pay for 165,000 employees, raising hourly pay as high as $30/hr. Walmart's been dramatically expanding its services, now raising employee pay & training to keep up.

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