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Today's Market = Reminder

With no specific market-driving news, today's big sell-off warns of the volatility of the market. Corporate updates have mostly exceeded expectations, but investors are looking around thinking things are too high.

S&P 500: 3,750.77⬇️-2.6%

AT&T's trying to adapt. AT&T booked a huge loss of $14B in the 4th quarter, as it shifted focus to HBOMax and booked losses on its WarnerMedia movie division and DirectTV unit. Wireless subscribers grew well & make up more than half of AT&T's profit.

Boeing profits crash. Boeing, formerly the world's largest plane manufacturer, capped a horrible year with a shockingly-awful loss of $12B in 2020, as it faced weak airplane demand. Boeing's 737Max was only just re-approved to fly after two deadly crashes.

Big Chip Energy. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) reported a huge quarter, beating Wall Street's already high expectations for profit & revenue, as sales of their processors & graphics chips surged. Sales of processors for PS5's & Xbox's are up 176%

Goldman scandal hits bonuses. Even though Goldman Sachs reported a blowout year, with revenue surging 22%, the board slashed the CEO's pay by $10M as punishment for a big bribery scandal fine this year. Goldman's fine for the scandal was the biggest ever.

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