Welcome to the Share Scoops Tournament!

We believe you can learn more from following a stock’s movements than from any online course.

Our proven process has helped our friends take control of their financial health for years. You already have the skills to do it too. You just need a little practice… oh and you could win $50 cash in the process.

You might be thinking… sure, one month is a great tournament length, but a completely unreasonable investing time frame. You’d be right. The stock market is volatile, and any stock can go any direction at any time. The stocks you think should “win”, won’t necessarily be the winner in a given month. This is about building an understanding of how and why they move, so you can start to make your own educated financial decisions confidently. This is fake money. You can pick whatever the heck you want and watch how it moves. 

How to play

        1. Build a squad of five companies you’re interested in following and submit their tickers (like Amazon is AMZN) in the form below.
        2. If you don’t know tickers, Google your company or take a look here:[ticker search] We also included the biggest & most popular stocks from our past tournaments in the chart below for you to check out for ideas. US-listed only, plz. 
        3. If you can’t think of five companies, or want to practice blending in diversification, you should include some ETFs in your portfolio. Choose from some Exchange Traded Funds on Vanguard [ETF search] (only their US Stock ETF’s please). The biggest lesson you might learn is to stay diversified. (wink)
        4. Remember your picks! Write them down on a post-it, or try making a watch-list on Yahoo [Yahoo Watchlist]. We’ll have an app for you soon.

How to stay informed on your team:

        1. Follow @ShareScoops on Twitter for live news updates throughout the day.
        2. Follow @ShareScoops on Instagram & Facebook for Daily recaps in our Story.
        3. We’ll be posting every day about all of your submitted companies. Read the stories and watch how the stock moves.
        4. We’ll post updates on our leading teams every Sunday on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook.

How to win:

        1. The portfolio with the best performance at the end of the tournament [date] will win $50 cash! Leaderboards will be posted weekly on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook.
        2. Performance will be measured as an average price appreciation of all of your picks against everyone who plays. Make sure to keep it to US-listed stocks and Vanguard US Stock ETF’s only.
        3. Participate and learn. Everyone’s a winner! 🙂

Don’t stress your picks. You’re going to learn so friggin much, the prize won’t matter. As a young Aubrey Graham once said, “you win some and lose some, as long as the outcome is income.”


Performance will be measured as an average price appreciation of all of your picks
against everyone who plays.

Make sure you follow along to know how they’re doing.
Good luck!

Want to feel confident & in control
of your financial health?


This is the best place to start. Just follow our proven process:


1. Stay informed on the economy – Read our five simple daily news stories

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2. Practice following real stocks – Join our tournament to understand how it all moves

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3. Learn the language – Follow our Daily Vitamins for easy tips & definitions

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We came together to help our friends better understand the companies impacting our lives – our jobs, our environment, our society, our economy. We decided to do it in a way that makes sense, that helps you learn, gives you a voice, and empowers you to build the skills you need to take control of your own financial decisions.

So check us out, get the scoop, and take your share of the market.

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The trade deficit widened in April, meaning the US economy imported more goods than it exported, and while both fell more than they have in over a decade as broad global trade seized up with the pandemic lockdowns, US exports were hurt more.

Another 1.9 million new unemployed Americans. The number of initial claims for unemployment benefits last week continued the downward trend, but still well above the pre-crisis record of 695,000 in 1982 and far from the usual weekly range of 100-300,000.

Today's Market = Status Quo

Markets work on directional expectations, and a rising market means investors think profits will grow. Economic reopenings are showing progress and negative data seems to have bottomed. The risks are tomorrow's problem.

S&P 500: 3,122.87⬆️1.4%

Amazon Summer Sale incoming: The e-commerce giant is planning a big fashion sale starting on June 22nd, aiming to boost sales. Amazon is finally back to full operating capacity after restricting non-essential deliveries through the surge of the crisis. https://t.co/0UatL1vQQ5

Lyft's doing OK. Investors are psyched because Lyft said their rides are up +26% in May...but they're still down -70% compared to last year, & their losses are going to be slightly less than expected if June's like May... but they're planning to lose $325M

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