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Today's Market = Flat

No major progress from Congress on relief for Americans. Corporate earnings pretty mixed. Infection rates are leveling in hot spots, but picking up in Mid West.

S&P 500: 3,306.51⬆️0.4%

Retail is dying. 43 retailers have filed for bankruptcy this year, as Amazon crushed some like Modell's, debt killed Neiman Marcus and Ann Taylor LOFT, and Lord & Taylor and JC Penney failed to shift to e-commerce. Over 1,000 went bankrupt from 2007-2009.

Home Depot's big expansion. The home improvement retailer is opening 3 major distribution centers in Atlanta & investing $1.2B to build 150 supply-chain facilities over the next 5yrs. HD's online sales are surging & they want one-day pickup or delivery.

Space is expensive. Virgin Galactic reported a $54M loss and is issuing more stock to raise cash as they expand their space exploration business. Virgin's partnering with Rolls Royce to create Mach 3 commercial flights in addition to their space tourism.

Blizzard isn't sharing the wealth. Employees at the video game producer of World of Warcraft are revolting over weak pay practices leaving them not able to afford lunch or childcare. Their revenues are skyrocketing & executives receive lush pay packages.

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