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Today's Market = Relief

Markets hit new record highs today on the news that Pres Trump conceded to transition power to Pres-Elect Biden. Biden also nominated the first ever female Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, who should be good for markets.

S&P 500: 3,635.41⬆️1.6%

Best Buy's seizing the moment. The electronics & appliance dealer blew away expectations this quarter with surging profits from a 174% increase in online sales & 23% sales growth overall. Best Buy warned of cost challenges ahead in shipping & inventory.

Google wants back in on social media. The internet giant's in advanced talks to acquire Indian social media video and chat company, ShareChat, for $1 billlion. This would give Google access to 165M active users in a country that banned TikTok.

GM switches teams. In the face of a changing administration, General Motors abandoned Pres Trump's legal battle against California's stricter auto emissions laws. General Motors has shifted dramatically towards electric vehicle tech this year.

iPads, bribes, & guns. Apple's head of global security has been indicted in California for allegedly bribing the Sheriff's Dept with 200 iPads worth over $70k in exchange for gun permits. Apple lawyers deny everything & the Sheriff's under investigation.

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