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Today's Market = Too Thicc

We keep getting promised a big stimulus package, but Republicans are not satisfied with how much the Dems want to dish out. Hospitalizations are rising fast in a several states.

S&P 500: 3,435.56⬇️-0.2%

Crypto goes mainstream. PayPal's launching its own cryptocurrency platform to buy, sell, & hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, & Bitcoin cash in the coming weeks. Next year you'll be able to shop with crypto across PayPal's 26 million retailers.

The Hummer is back! General Motors unveiled the new electric Hummer reboot, a "supertruck" that goes 0-60 in 3 seconds and runs 100 miles on a 10-minute charge. GM's one of the first out in a competitive electric truck market with high profit potential.

JC Penney rises from the dead. The retailer's expecting to come back from bankruptcy before the holiday season, planning to sell their business to mall owners Brookfield Partners & Simon Property Group. The deal could save about 70,000 jobs & 650 stores.

A Snap surprise! Snapchat shocked investors with their third quarter results, only losing $200mm, compared to the $227mm they lost this time last year. Snap's still not profitable, but users are grew 4%.

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