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Don’t stress your picks. We’re all just learning here. A lot can happen in 30 days, and even the experts can’t consistently pick winners. Choose companies you believe in, the products you love, or even just brands you find in your fridge. 

It’s all good practice.

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Today's Market = Heavy

Markets drifted lower today with little uplifting news, finishing the worst month in markets since 2008, as the S&P 500 (biggest 500 US companies) lost 12.5% of their value on fears of COVID-19's economic impact.

S&P 500: 2,584.59⬇️-1.6%

Retail is in trouble. Following actions from Macy's and Gap, Kohl's plans to furlough 85,000 employees and draw on their $1B credit line to cut costs and keep cash on hand. Kohl's CEO has said she won't take a salary during the crisis.

Gap is furloughing 80,000 employees, as the already-struggling owner of Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Gap brands anticipates keeping its stores closed through their initial April 1st target reopen date. They've drawn on credit lines to keep cash on hand.

Visa confirmed that US spending declined sharply in March as cities began implementing social distancing procedures, with credit card spending falling -7% in the month. Visa still expects to keep making money and growing revenue regardless.

Apple has finally committed to paying contract workers like janitors & shuttle drivers after leaving them stressing about their future. Hundreds of hourly contract workers were told they would likely be laid off this week, without word from Apple.

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