What’s in a stock price?

Stock prices alone don’t mean much. Think about the whole value and the direction it’s moving. Companies sell stock to raise money for anything their revenue doesn’t cover – expansions, research, new factories, etc. Whether you own your stock individually, or through a mutual fund or ETF vehicle, you’re a business owner. So follow along like a proud business owner! We’ll keep you updated and keep it fun.

Don’t wait to learn about investing and don’t wait to invest. That’s the fun stuff! Join our next tournament if you want to practice watching your stocks move. You’ll pick it up quickly. The other stuff will fall into place. We’ll be here for your questions.

We try to bring investing to life, by breaking down what’s happening in the economy, what companies are doing, and how that affects your money. We think that’s the fun stuff. Once you understand the fun stuff, the other good habits fall into place. Follow our stories and posts. It’s fun, we swear!😁

We’re here to help you feel more confident making financial decisions. Follow our story for simple daily news. Catch up in our highlights.

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