Where is my money going?

Where is my money going?

We get this question a lot. “I hear I should invest in mutual funds.” “I hear I should invest in ETF’s.” Yes, but understand those are just the vehicles through which you are investing in companies! Financial companies are pooling your money with others so they can invest in companies on your behalf.

There is no shortage of things to invest in – gold, real estate, bitcoin, government bonds, and more. But the most common things you’ll find put your money to work helping companies operate. Even if you buy a super-diversified mutual fund, your money is still going to Apple and Amazon and others. So follow along like a proud business owner! We’ll keep you updated and keep it fun.

Don’t wait to learn about investing and don’t wait to invest. That’s the fun stuff! Join our next tournament if you want to practice watching your stocks move. You’ll pick it up quickly. The other stuff will fall into place.

We’ll be here for your questions.

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