You can’t time the market

Absolutely no one is able to perfectly time the market. If you do the math, it’s always better to be invested than not. Don’t wait for a big decline. Don’t wait to put a big lump in at one time because it looks cleaner. You don’t need to save up to invest. If you have money that you won’t need for a few years, get it invested – right now!

A little bit at a time goes a long way!

For those of you wondering if the market will go down again, or if you think you’ve missed the bottom – stop waiting. It will likely go down again, but don’t be investing money you can’t watch go down a bit in the near term. If you saw it go up, it’s going to keep going up over time. Invest in something that is obvious. If you buy something that represents the US economy, you can feel comfortable that the US economy will continue to growth over the next 10 years right?

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