Making a positive impact on the world has always been our first priority.
That’s why our first earned dollars are going directly to our first not-for-profit partners.

Our values

We are committed to inclusive economic growth, a healthy planet, & quality education. We believe businesses & markets can be a great power for positive impact, but it requires more accountability thoughtful decision-making.


Our commitment from Day One

It was important for our first recommendations to maximize value to our users (free cash & stock), create impact value (cash to donate), and demonstrate the integrity of our recommendations. So we’ll be aggregating the dollars we earn by referring our users to Webull and M1 Finance and donating them to charity. 

Philanthropic partnerships will be a core component of our business as we continue to grow. For our first charity partnership, we thought you should have a say.

At the end of the campaign, the top 10 subscribers with the most referrals will decide (from a vetted list) which charity will receive the full donation of our earnings from the investment account promotions.

Join our mailing list for updates on the fundraising. We’ll be taking your input on charities along the way!

Submit a charity suggestion

Refer friends to be part of the final decision

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